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Ilaria Ligabue

Graduated from Politecnico di Milano, in Italy with my Master's Degree in Architecture back in 2016. During those years I had the chance to listen to many lectures from some of the most influential contemporary architects, such as Eduardo Souto De Moura, Renzo Piano, Alvaro Size, Giorgio Grassi, Joao Antonio Ribeiro Ferreira Nunes and Mario Botta.

After graduating I left my country to start a new chapter of my life in New Zealand. With my extensive knowledge of European Architectural Technologies, History and Culture, Creativity and the Italian design, I am able to bring new perspectives to my team.

My interest in architecture started during an activity in primary school. I met an architect there who was observing children architectural needs. At secondary school, my friends and I designed a playground for my city. From these two experiences, I was inspired to become an architect.

My passions extend beyond architecture. I have volunteered for the Italian Red Cross for eight years, where I was placed in various roles from general volunteer to educator. Throughout my time volunteering, I was given the chance to attend a few courses: Civil Protection, Emergency, First Aid, Prevention of sexually transmitted infection, Children and elderly assistance, Global migration, Peace education, Human international rights and Red Cross history.

The most rewarding experience I have was back in 2009. I spent two weeks in L’Aquila, after it was hit by a strong earthquake. We helped to build the emergency camps and helped people who lost everything in the quake.

I have also published a book about the fight against the mafia and I love making murals which I have been doing since I was 13.

In my free time, I love doing outdoor activities like rock climbing, hiking, playing sports, but I also enjoy a day at home cooking for my friends.