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Our Practice

At ICR Studio we believe listening, deliberation, and collaboration are the key to creating simple and compelling architectural solutions. Put simply, we create workspaces that work.

Since 2005, our award-winning team has brought their expertise to every size of project, from residential to large institutional and commercial projects, throughout New Zealand and the Cook Islands. We pride ourselves on designing spaces to fit our clients' unique constraints and requirements: whether that's an unusual manufacturing system, environmentally sensitive sites or limited space.

With the use of the latest in 3-D technology, we can bring our designs to life for our clients, allowing them to actively participate in the process. It means our clients can be involved in a creative and thought-provoking experience, resulting in a unique, well-crafted building, that exactly suits their needs. The models, both computer-generated and physical, help our team and the client to understand the site, massing, spatial relationships and material details. These models also make excellent promotional materials to help clients fund-raise or to clarify the design with their stakeholders.

Our collaborative approach extends to our team of designers — we believe involving everyone in the design process makes for a more fluid process and a better final result. We draw on the experience and skills of our other team members and of the various tradesmen who will ultimately take the plans off the page.

This studio model is both creative and efficient — with our combined skills we can more quickly translate an idea into reality.  

We Believe that sustainability is an integral part of excellent design, which is why we consider ecologically sustainable design strategies early on in our design process. The relationship between built and natural environments also strongly influences our work. Our design expertise has been recognized by the industry with awards from Architectural Designers New Zealand Inc. for our high standard of design innovation.

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